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Luxury Rolex Replica Watches
Luxury Rolex Replica Watches

Luxury Rolex Replica Watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. I have been not too much attention to the bracelet and strap, because the metal bracelet is usually not wearing any problems; belt wearing a long time to change, but we can also change the strap around a lot of places, if that general The tape is not good enough, you can also customize the strap. Some domestic custom strap business from the selection of materials, color selection to the watch done, the middle of time will not be long, custom strap texture, the quality is better, and the price is not too high, you can also marked the corresponding watch Brand logo, need to change the strap when people sit back and relax. However, in all the watches, I only attach importance to Rolex’s bracelet, because we all know, different models of Rolex use bracelet is not the same, and even the same chain, different period between the bracelet, there is a very big difference. This led to the Rolex bracelet on the value of a Rolex watch has a great impact, and even decided to buy a Rolex or do not buy the problem. It is important.

Rolex has also used a lot of leather straps in history, and we can see the antique labor of many belts. Rolex bracelet in a very long period of time, not Rolex own do.

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Even now, most of the watch brand of the strap is not actually do their own, are purchased from the outside. Rolex is currently one of the few to produce their own bracelet watch factory, but the original Rolex also do not have their own ability to produce bracelet. In history, the first Rolex Oyster bracelet is Rolex purchased from the outside. In the 1930s, watch bracelet cost extra, and today, the price of a bracelet is very high, and sometimes the price of a bracelet will account for half of the whole watch (now let alone a chain, that is, A chain, the price is very high, especially the Rolex clasp on the small crown, if out, need to change a chain). Rolex’s oyster bracelet is from the then famous watch chain manufacturer Gay Frères. Including the later Audemars Piguet oak bracelet are provided by Gay Frères. At the time, there were many watch chains in the watch industry, but Rolex had a soft spot for Gay Frères and had been using Gay Frères’s bracelet until 1998, when Rolex acquired Gay Frères.

Rolex on the bracelet is a major improvement in the front of the chain to add a curved section, so that the bracelet and the case from the integration. This has also become the beginning of the modern oyster bracelet.

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We now see that the vast majority of Rolex is a chain with a table, the belt model is not much. But at first, the Rolex Oyster Bracelet was used only on Bubble Back and Rolex Early Chronograph. Other watches can be equipped with a belt, until one day (1952), Rolex Oyster bracelet made a major improvement, so that Oyster-style strap really become familiar with our look. The earliest Rolex chain is hanging between the ears on the axis, between the bracelet and the case there is a gap. Hanging on the shaft of the bracelet on the table ear shaft pressure is relatively large, leaving a “security risk”, Rolex in 1952 at the end of the chain with a chain, so that the bracelet has become now and the case integration Style, since then, Rolex metal chain belt began to dominate the world. The first use of the “modern” Oyster bracelet watch is Rolex launched in 1954 6542 GMT GMT, followed by the first generation of Rolex exploration, the first generation of water ghosts are beginning to use Oyster bracelet.

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Rolex watches in different periods of oyster. So far, Rolex Oyster bracelet has gone through three generations, and now in the sale of watches Oyster bracelet is the third generation of improved version. The first generation of Oyster bracelet: the first generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “screw bracelet.” We can easily see that the first generation of Oyster bracelet on each link (both ends of the chain) has a screw, interspersed at both ends of the chain. This is the first generation of Oyster-style bracelet recognition features.

The second generation of oyster bracelet: the second generation of oyster bracelet is characterized by “folding bracelet.” We can see that the bracelet is folded with a metal sheet from both sides to the inside. The shafts in the bracelet are invisible from the outside and are hidden inside the chain chain. This is the second generation of Oyster bracelet features.

The third generation Oyster bracelet: the third generation of chain is characterized by “sealed watch chain.” That is what we are now common style. The chain section is sealed on the side, no screws, no folding, is a whole link. Now the Rolex Oyster bracelet is the appearance (note that I just said the appearance of the same), which is the characteristics of the third generation.

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Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Buy Rolex Replica Watches
Buy Rolex Replica Watches

Buy Rolex Replica Watches

Every year in mid-April to early May, one of the most famous shopping district in Beijing Xidan, will be held once a watch

jewelry festival, often, this is the beginning of hot sales in the year. This year’s watch and jewelry festival, three years

later than last year, will be from April 18, has Buy Rolex Replica Watches continued until the end of May, and the well-known in the purchase of the

club is different, in the watch jewelry festival has Discount, can be used to buy all kinds of watches and jewelry,

including hot models and new, and the purchase will not have these watches. So this time, Xidan watch jewelry festival, what

kind of preferential efforts? We have trampled on the point for you, take a look at it

After a field visit, we found in the Xidan shopping center layer of jewelry watch area, the vast majority of brands are

involved in this event, which includes the famous watch brand Rolex, Tudor, Tissot, Hamilton, Hao Li , Tiger TAG Heuer, Amy

Long, Po Qi Lai, according to wave Road, plum, radar, Movado. Raymond Wei, etc., where some of the basic brand to

participate, and participate in the brand as much as the basic coverage of the market mainstream watch brand (up to Rolex).

Swiss Rolex Replica Watches

So how much is the Jewelery Festival? First of all, during the working day, Movado, Raymond Wee enjoy a 15% discount, in

addition to Rolex, Tudor, Tissot, Harmony World Watch Center other brands are enjoying 10% discount;

Second, on Saturday and May, all participating Swiss Rolex Replica Watches in the activities of the brand, will be based on the original discount, you

can enjoy the full 100% of the return of the gift, the equivalent of 9% off, in addition to special watches outside.

Third, during the event, in the Harmony World Watch Center to buy watches, can participate in smashing “Golden Egg”

activities, over 10,000 can smash 1 times, over 3 million can hit 2 times, single day up to 3 times. Golden egg prizes

include coffee machine, health pot, pocket watch, Swiss Army knife, watch box and so on.

Fourth, during the holiday, Tudor door to carry out the appearance of free maintenance, battery service, only ten, at the

same time, watch maintenance costs 20% discount.

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

To buy a Rolex as an example (Rolex, Tudor, Tissot, radar discount will be released, we can shop or call shop details), in

accordance with the 95 fold (actually better than this), 2016 new launch, the use of 3235 machine Core DJ 41 mm gold case

package drilling when the standard Cheap Rolex Replica Watches 126333, the domestic price of 107500 yuan, then the purchase on the working day, you can

save about 5400 yuan, if the holiday purchase, you can save about 15,600 yuan, the equivalent of Buy a Rolex, send a

Longines. At the same time, you can drop the “golden egg” three times, 100 percent winning, 10 gold eggs at least one coffee


Luxury Rolex Replica Watches

As the recent domestic market back to temperature, the current popular brand of the popular watches are very scarce, Rolex

Water Ghost, Inter Milan GMT, King of Ghosts, the Luxury Rolex Replica Watches sea and other sports models, if you can see the counter to sell, is your


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Summary: After a period of time after a period of low season, with the temperature to pick up, we are more and more love

travel, the major shopping malls are also taking advantage of 51 small holiday and warm sun, began to hold a wide range of

activities, everyone You can enjoy the shopping side of the body to enhance the joy of energy, while a better price to buy

the beloved thing.