Classic Tour Rolex replica watches Ref.3330 Chronograph

Rolex replica watches
Rolex replica watches

Antique chronograph is usually the most popular sought after collection of timepieces. However, it is important to note that most of the antique chronographs, especially those produced before the 1970s, are generally smaller in size and less than 34 mm in diameter. This is one of the reasons why Rolex Ref.3330 Chronograph is so special.

Of course, the size is only one aspect, the Rolex Ref.3330 chronograph unique is more than that. The watch has a stunning rose gold case, and with orange pink dial. Black and blue time scale figures will further enlarge the effect of this combination, so that the watch rich in depth. In addition, the leaf-shaped pointer also play a role, giving this watch more rich retro charm.

The size is not the only “modern” element of the Rolex Ref.3330 Chronograph. That time most of the gold case after polishing, light can Kam; but this watch with satin brushed retouch, do not tree. Surprisingly, the maintenance of the watch is very good, people doubt whether it really experienced decades of sharpening. Especially the ears of the angular plane, the appearance of the effect is perfect for this watch added to the magnetic charm.

Dial the perfect proportion, decorated three smaller time disk, which makes its appearance more obvious. The watch produced in 1941, is a “oyster” chronograph, equipped with Valjoux movement. At that time, Valjoux manual winding chronograph movement is a high-end watch brand, such as Rolex, the heart of choice.

In November 2016, Fu Yi Si shoot this watch, 598,000 Swiss francs than the highest valuation of the lowest price of 2,000 Swiss francs This result is not surprising, because Rolex Ref.3330 this is a rare and tempting chronograph, let alone its maintenance situation as new as ever.

Valuation of millions of dollars Rolex replica watches

Rolex replica watches
Rolex replica watches

October 26, 2017, Fu Yi Si auction with Bacs & Russo will be held in New York “Winning Icons – 20th century legend watch” theme auction, showing the last century’s most iconic collection of timepieces. The biggest highlight of the auction, Pauline Newman was once owned and worn, the unique Rolex “Paul Newman” cosmic model Di Dayon watch, this is a historic moment.

This iconic watch, Paul Newman’s wife Joanna Woodward gave him a gift. The watch is designed for racing sports, and in addition to acting career, Paul Newman has been a soft spot for racing sports. In the back of this watch, engraved with “DRIVE CAREFULLY / ME” words, love and care overflowing words.

The watch model Ref.6239, from 1963 to 1970, Rolex launched the first batch of landmark cosmic models “Daytona” series of watches, Rolex is also the first bezel engraved tachometer chronograph Table, this design is designed to quickly and intuitively measure the speed.

Paul Newman wears the watch every day, and decades of such pictures appear prominently in famous magazines and books. His influence so much, so that later “exotic” disk watch are known as “Paul Newman” Di Tong Na.

Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman, recalled the story of the watch, the original Paul Newman gave the watch to her daughter was the boyfriend James. So far, Nell and James are still close friends, she (he) together decided to auction this watch, part of the proceeds will be donated to retain the Newman Foundation.

Fu Yi Si auction house is pleased to provide this watch, it is also regarded as one of the most famous, most important and legendary Rolex antique watch. It is reported that the watch before the auction price of more than one million US dollars.