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7, James bond and film
Over the years, James Bond wear a few watch brands, but today, the history of the team is more closely related to the team than OMEGA replica watches. 1995 marks the famous two first: Gold featured new James bond, played by Pierce Brosnan, and OMEGA’s hippocampus launched his wrist. Thereafter, 007 wearing Omega in tomorrow never dies, the world is not enough, die another day, Casino Royale, quantum of solace, and sky. Bonds are also not a OMEGA 300 in the upcoming new movie, ghost.
When it comes to James Bond’s watch auction results, OMEGA replica‘s hippocampus in the first two places of the sea. Top watches, shooting in Casino Royale in 2007, Antiquorum Omegamania auction sold 250250 Swiss francs. For the sale of Skyfall Christie’s “50 years of James bond sales in the 2012 CHF 236473 shooting hippocampus planet ocean.
Omega replica watches have appeared in many other films, including in the air, salt, world war, bounty hunter, what is right, the event horizon, the millennium, Jack reacher, aegis, rogue agents, seven years in Tibet, the Omega Man, and my American with cells are.
Of course, one of OMEGA replica‘s most famous characters is the Apollo 13. The film records the task, which is interrupted by an explosion that killed most of the oxygen supply and power supply. The film accurately depicts a OMEGA replica watches uk super astronaut, and the key role to play in the super crew return to earth. Due to the failure of vehicle electronic timer, astronauts rely on severe burn time (super power and close the engine). These burns must be the right time to get the spacecraft to point out the right direction, so that it can enter the atmosphere, and not bounce or burn. A perfect performance, and the astronauts home safely.
8, Kennedy connection
Outside of the official brand ambassador, OMEGA replica has proved to be one of the most favorite world leaders and celebrities. Soviet President Gorbachev Mikhail was often photographed in Manhattan’s gold star. In the 1995 movie my fellow USA, American former president Jack Lemmon play. At this point, Raymond commented on his watch, said: “this is a sign. This is Gorbachev to me! ”
The “classic” of the Paul John II of the pope”. Elvis Presley was photographed wearing a OMEGA service, stationed in germany. Hawley Bardi was wearing his white gold slim OMEGA replica watches when his plane crashed in February, 1959. Ringo Starr, a band on the OMEGA constellation performance stage.
One of the most famous people is John Kennedy, who wears OMEGA replica watches in January as the thirty-fifth president of the United States, 1961. The watch was introduced to Kennedy by a friend before the election. The back of the watch is American John F. Kennedy wrote “the president from his friends.” Today, the watch is stored in the OMEGA museum.
9, Conquer magnetism
2013, Omega announced the first game in the world, diamagnetic domain is greater than 15000 Gauss, far more than any previous magnetic resistance horizontal movement to achieve. Most of the anti magnetic watches use a soft, dispensing solenoid in such a way, it cancels the effects of motion. OMEGA replica‘s approach is to design a key part of a movement that is used in the field of non-ferrous metals, eliminating the internal situation and providing the need for greater resistance to magnetic fields. OMEGA replica‘s approach to the benefits, so that the date window on the dial, and the back of the display. In the case of the watch, it is not available to provide these properties, as each need to be opened within the context of the. In Basel 2015, Omega introduced their main table “movement, which incorporated the start of magnetic technology, in a new spectator modes, Omega Globemaster.