Cheap Rolex Submariner 41 mm Replica Oyster Bracelet

Cheap Rolex Submariner Replica has been remodeled and upgraded again. It still retains the classic look that has hardly changed since the 1950s, but in the typical Rolex style, the new Submariner 41 mm has many improvements in the case, bracelet and movement.

The most significant change is the increase in size. The first millimeter of the Submariner is 41 millimeters, while the previous model has been 40 millimeters for decades.

The rest of the case and bracelet have also been modified to fit to be worn, resulting in a pleasing, well-proportioned replica watch that does not look as big as it sounds, but is actually thinner than it.

Although everything about the new Submariner is new, it can be said that the most substantial change is the movement. The new model is the first Submariner equipped with the current calibration function. Rolex has been gradually installing new movements for many years, and this is the first time the 3235 has come out.

In order to match the larger case, the lugs of the new strap are slightly wider, but tapered towards the buckle, allowing the bracelet to flow into the case more smoothly.

Fake Swiss Rolex Submariners‘ new product line also rearranged the usual color and metal combinations.

All steel models and two-tone models remain basically unchanged. The green frame model is retained, but the matching green dial has been cancelled; it is now black.

The Rolex Replica Watch black or blue dial continues to provide a luxurious version of gold.

It can be said that the most novel is the platinum model. Now the blue bezel is matched with the black dial to create an unusual contrast effect and a refreshing appearance.