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Rolex new sea to 126600, the red on the disk is obvious. From the side view, the new sea makes the thickness of 126600 and no deepsea so exaggerated.

The second problem is size. The sea has always been 40 mm before, and the same as the size of the water ghost. But before the 40mm water ghost has a little problem is that the sea makes the thickness thicker than the water ghost, in the same 40 size, the sea makes no water ghost coordination. The new sea to 126600 to increase the size of 43, after increasing the size, although the thickness is not reduced, but it is thin, the ratio is better. At the same time, we must see that although Rolex did not blindly follow the big trend, but the big trend in the impact of Rolex. From the 40mm new empty tyrants, 39mm of the new Oyster constant movement, you can see. In addition, some people also believe that Rolex to increase the size of the new sea is to make 43 mm of the new sea to make 126600 and 40 mm water ghosts formed a distinction. Let the difference between the two tables more obvious.

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Rolex Antique Scarlet Sea makes 1665, this only 1665 is double scarlet.

We can see that the past few years Rolex launched a new table, the ultra-public price is actually only two tables, one is the ceramic ring steel Di, one is the new sea. The new gray yacht, blue and black circle Greenwich, although the new air raid is also very fire, the market is not low, but no super-price. So I think the new sea so that 126600 can be overgrown for a few reasons. First of all, the new sea and the water ghost has a very similar appearance, very strong recognition. At the same time more than the water ghost of 43 mm large diameter, so that the watch on the wrist is more prominent. At the same time, 43 mm caliber and thickness are not so deepsea so exaggerated, so that the new sea makes the 126600 in a reasonable size (40mm of the water ghost in some people seems somewhat small). And the red on the disk to further increase the logo of the watch. It was also crucial to change the movement to make this new sea the first Rolex watch to use the new generation of 3235 movement, because the current watch is the highest in the Rolex movement table Of the 4130 movement except). So we can clearly see that the new sea to 126600 is Rolex’s most powerful sports table, all aspects of performance are the most prominent. On the current point of view, the other Rolex sports watch and the sea can not be compared to the 126600.

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Rolex new sea to make 126600 use of the new 3235 movement, 126600 is the first use only 3235 movement movement.

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But I also think that the new sea makes the heat of 126600 and will not be as long as the ceramic ring steel, because the ceramic ring steel is irreplaceable and is the only timepiece for Rolex. But once after the water ghost or other sports labor to complete the update, the new sea so that 126600 will not keep the heat, I think it is very difficult. But anyway, now, the new sea to 126600 here, firmly over the public price, which we can not deny.