How to distinguish the ear of Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches
Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches‘ ears refers to the watch industry insiders on the key parts of the connecting strap and case “. Refers to thecase part, and the strap is attached to.

Rolex Replica (Fake Rolex) is a classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. Rolex Replica Watches  for the first sign of an outstretched fingersof the palm of your hand, it said that the brand of watches is crafted by hand, then gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, to show their dominance in the field of watches, showing the Rolex Replica Watches making regal. How to through the Rolex Replica Watches ear to distinguish between true and false?

Fake Rolex watch is often only in face time. Rolex really can not see the table ear also play a clearnumber, usually on the side table ears with the model table, side table ears with the table number. A copy of thebasic no, even if there are also not neat and clear.

Rolex Replica Watches: how will the ear leather strap lugs and remove from

The strap and lugs arranged at the connecting point of a shaft, both ends is but the expansion. To find a suitabletool (such as a knife stuck) from the edge of the shaft, and then the expansion head side to pressure, so that you can start off, it may be difficult, because fail to grasp the strength and depth and may even break.

Replace removed with needle method: strap down with the handle clockwise rotation, and then pry the tail ringdown, will handle a separate line sewing, needle can be removed. And then put on the new demolition with pin,buckle ring. Remove the belt use: to watch strap on dismantling device groove (also called thimble) alignment ofstrap side turning the handle clockwise to remove Kong Shun.

Do their own is also relatively simple, it may be difficult to start, because fail to grasp the strength and depth, and may even break. If they do not have technology, and also more expensive, recommended to the repair shop.Detachable strap strap has most of the arrow, the strap dowels launched along the direction of the arrow, if there is no arrow can be observed in the end also shoot nail, flat, and with a tight gap, we’ll call A, end to end round for the time being, we call B, we need to shoot nail to launch from B to A direction.

Rolex: Rolex Replica Watches ear ear appreciation

The Rolex Replica Watches submariner calendar type 116613LB is still the symbol of oyster shell, Mercedes Benz needle and a magnifying glass calendar classic design, 40 mm gauge diameter, thickness of 12.5 mm, waterproof 300 meters.Table with steel shell gold Rolex Replica Watches specific (combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct Gold) material, with bluedial, blue and gold coated Cerachrom ceramic circle the words, both stylish and yet solemn. The design of the Rolex Replica Watches ear still attach great importance to human body engineering, table ears and oyster bracelet with theperfect blend in, the first section of the table ear substantially flush in oyster bracelet, very comfortable to wear.

Greenwich diamond watch closely, with 40 mm diameter design, 18K platinum. Dial bezel, watchcase, watch chain,densely studded with diamonds, at first glance is extremely luxurious. Because the table ring studded with diamonds, Greenwich series of unique table circle digital is not, but the dense diamond watch, is a work of art, the utility of all can be ignored. The side is still dense diamond design, crown three lock winding crown, three lockwinding crown is the three waterproof system designed for diving watch design. Developed by Rolex Replica Watches, the threelocking for Silent Hunter and other professional watch type winding crown can be waterproof as deep as 300 meters. The official Greenwich watch is water resistant to 100 meters, but in fact, up to 300 meters.

Table ear rather dense diamond. Have to mention is the Rolex Replica Watches still attach great importance to human body engineering, with the table ear and oyster bracelet, the first section of the table ear substantially flush in oysterbracelet, the perfect fusion of the two together, very comfortable to wear.