Measuring and correcting the error of the Rolex Replica Watches uk

Rolex Replica UK
Rolex Replica UK

Reasons for Rolex Replica watches UK are not punctual
1. The effects of the shock: dramatic impact vibration but also have an impact on the vibration period of the balance wheel, especially low swing amplitude or low frequency mechanical Rolex Replica Watches uk, as for severe shock and vibration has damaged the balance shaft tenoning or gossamer, it must also to mechanical watches bring traveltime fault.
2, swing amplitude effects: the tightness of the spring will directly affect to the size of the balance wheel amplitude, so also affect performance of mechanical watches. So-called “isochronous” refers to the shock of the object set the picture size does not affect the vibration period of a phenomenon, but mechanical Rolex Replica Watches uk balance wheel hairspring system and not the freedom to do shocks.

3, the influence of temperature changes, temperature changes will change in the hairspring balance wheel and the geometric size of the, these key components every tiny change will directly affect the oscillation period, and temperature will enable table oil viscosity changes, and changes in the mechanical watch gear train torque transmission and swing.
4, effects of position change: change position caused by the first is mainly a balance wheel shaft tenon of the friction surface change, friction surface is enlarged, another is the balance of the unbalanced degree under the action of gravity more obvious and outstanding, have additional moment to quickly swing the balance wheel, gossamer gravity, watch balance wheel hairspring system at each location oscillation cycle are subject to the influence of different sizes.