How does a watch collector start buying Rolex replica watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. See this at the beginning, some people may feel wonder, 郄 doctor’s article how do you pop out. This is indeed a doctor’s essay, and I would like to give you a brief explanation at the beginning of the article. A few days ago, Doctor 发 sent me all the manuscripts of his book, “Table and Table”. If you ask, who brought me into the world of watches, watch collector 郄 Fengqing 郄 doctor is one of them.

郄 Doctors are experts in Rolex and Patek Philippe. During many years of contact and reading, I learned a lot about Rolex and Patek Philippe from my doctor. Before that, I had a lot of doctor’s manuscripts in my hand. During the preparation and publication phase of the doctor’s book, “Table and Sea”, I put the manuscript in my hand and rearrange it and provided it to the publishing house. But quantitatively speaking, my article in this section only accounts for one-half of the table in the book. After having sent me all the manuscripts of the book, “I will translate all the manuscripts in my book” , Including the preamble, all issued, so that more people, more fans, players, can read 郄 doctor’s article.

Because of Dr. “” table sea aspect “a book contains Dr. 从 since the 90s of last century, wrote the article. Therefore, some articles in the brand name, watch names and now have different, I keep the original article at the same time, will make some notes, to facilitate understanding of the players. Let’s start with the first article in the book, “Aesthetic Watches.”

China’s economy is booming, the number of wealthy people is gradually increasing, and having one or two watches is within their economic reach. Watch itself represents a kind of aesthetics, and wear is a process of self-satisfaction and self-appreciation, with rare and famous beauty products itself has a sense of pride and pleasure, this mentality has become the driving force for continued progress. In October 1991, I was sent to the former State Education Commission to visit Japan’s National Hamamatsu Medical University as a visiting scholar. My fate with the watch also began. My guiding professor is Japanese professor of psychiatry Dr. Katsuhiro Ohara, the nicknamed “Emperor Ohara”, a professor who is famous for his dictatorship in academia. Of course he is able to arbitrariness also because of his prestige in academia. At the same time he is also a watch fan, which also affected my hobby in the second half of the year.

I remember looking at me with astonishment when I wore a digital watch worth RMB 30 to attend the “Medical Council” (similar to the regular meeting of our physicians). I did not realize anything at the time but just unconsciously corrected myself Tie. At that time, I knew the watch as “a tool of timekeeping” and knew that the right time was enough. After the medical office was over, Ohara found me in a serious way. He said that although you are a visiting scholar from the government, you are still under my leadership. Therefore, I would like to remind you that the table you are wearing is somewhat different from your own doctor’s occupation. You can see other doctors wear What table will know.

I was stunned, I know nothing about the watch before going abroad, watch other people’s watches can know what? I have to say “I do not know the watch too much, but also ask a lot of advice.” He went on to say: “Wearing a watch is a kind of culture, it is a kind of practicing, and we wear different clothes and watches on different occasions, which is a status and a mature performance.” He stood up and took me to In his office, open a cupboard, more than 30 watches radiate a dazzling light, some luxurious, some deep, some yellow, some white, some powder. “Before the death of his wife, every day these watches were wiped and kept by the lady, and she left, and I had to undertake this task myself.” The professor said, a little sad. “I know your Chinese doctor’s salary is very low and you can not get enough money in China.” The Ministry of Education sent me 600,000 yen for your research and I decided to send you 60,000 yen Better watch, this is the money that should have bought a microscope, you and Ishikawa A shared a microscope that kid does not love to study, you never use a microscope, you can use him.
Later found that 60,000 yen can not buy a good table, not to mention the top table, and even the Japanese with Goldsmith Rolex such scholars think mid-range watch also 600,000 yen. Fortunately, a student in Chongqing pointing, I found a cheap place – pawnshops. Japanese people do not have the habit of borrowing money with each other. They use money to send their worthy things to pawns. Some small businesses are going to lend money and send some of their products to pawns. The defeats are irreparable. The pawn products are dealt with. Pawn shops are generally 1/5 of the market price into the market to sell 1/3, so earn a profit, consumers can also make substantial benefits.

The Rolex replica watches on the auction

Auction market love “astronomical” has become a well-known secret, to know the auction itself is subject to many factors of interference, the mood of the bidders are also very vulnerable to the current environment interference. But the charm of the auction itself is unpredictable, no matter how the analysis before the auction of experts, but to the auction, the auction and buyers between the subtle relationship between the end will eventually produce what kind of results tend to be beyond the world’s expectations. Today, rolex replicas swiss made the house for everyone to count a few auctions in the astronomical watch, see it soon.

In the just-past Phillips (Fu Yi Si) 2017 Geneva spring auction, has long been concerned about the time for the Rolex 6062 “BAO DAI” (Paul big) watch live up to expectations, the final to 5.06 million Swiss francs, about 35 million yuan price of the transaction , Breaking the Rolex auction price record, become the highest price ever Rolex watches. “Bao Da” has been able to shoot the price of 35 million yuan, and its own special significance and its unique rare rare.

This is only breaking the record, the history of the most expensive Rolex watches, Vietnam is the last one of the emperor Bao Dadi’s personal belongings. Paul the Great is the last dynasty of Vietnam (Ruan Dynasty) of the 13th is the last dynasty of the monarch, status similar to China’s last emperor Pu Yi. This is from the Bodhidharma’s personal belongings are also specifically built for Rolex. “BAO DAI” (Panda) 6062 is known as the only remaining black dial with diamonds.

Prior to this, to maintain the history of the highest price of the Rolex watch position, is in May 2016, the same is the auction in Fu Yi Sri Lanka auction 1942 annual sales of Rolex 4113, when the transaction price is 2.4 million Swiss francs, About 16.45 million yuan. It is said that this watch production is only 12, plus ref.4113 is Rolex only a double chronograph chronograph. Movement with a rare configuration Valjoux 55 VBR movement, compared with other models equipped with Valjoux 55 VBR movement, Rolex Ref.4113 case thickness is relatively thin, 44 mm case diameter for the time, specifications huge. And relatively speaking, the number of chronograph chronograph is relatively rare. So this is a time with the significance of the production of scarce watches. So as long as the auction appeared in its shadow, always attract the attention of everyone.

If the antique Rolex in the auction market performance is enough to make you surprised, then the next will be played only the steel watch the price of the film may make you pupil startled. In the November 12, 2016, the rich silk auction held by the Geneva auction, the Patek Philippe 1518 million calendar watch to 11 million Swiss francs, about 75 million yuan price of the transaction, while breaking the world The most expensive watch and the most expensive steel table two auction records.

It is worth exploring is that in the same field auction, the gold version of the Patek Philippe 1518 also participated in the auction, and ultimately to 600,000 Swiss francs, about 411 million yuan turnover of the transaction. Does the steel table “beat” the gold watch? Patek Philippe 1518 as the watch industry’s first calendar chronograph series, produced in 1941 to 1954, the status of the watch in the history can be seen. And this in the Fu Yi Si auction appeared on the steel section 1518 is not only a landmark significance, but also because the total output of 1518 is only 281, and most of the gold rolex replicas swiss made grade 1. At present, the known steel deposit is only four. While the other three have already appeared in the previous auction, and all by the private collection. In this case, this is only the Patek Philippe 1518 is the only one on the market. Or should the old saying goes, “rare.”

Prior to this, in the year of 2005 Fu Yi Si auction, the same is a steel table Patek Philippe 130 with the commission of 5 million US dollars, about 30 million yuan price of the transaction. A steel table, the table back is not through the end, produced in 1927, only 35 mm in diameter. But it comes from Patek Philippe, from 1927, the world economic crisis when the most turbulent times. Even if it is not a precious metal material, the same can be won for the world’s steel watch the highest record position, although this record in the second year, was the same as Patek Philippe 1518 broke.