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.Rolex replica watches are equipped with a sapphire crystal glass (watch), can only catch a diamond.2.”Cyclops” date window in a real version is focused on the number of death.3.Printing quality should be perfect on the dial, and type of evenly spaced index, fuzzy edge.4.replica rolex watch movement swept smoothly round about 28800 speed per hour per second is divided into eight steps.

Even false use swiss-made movement, the second hand ticks usually clear beef jerky.5.In the presence of “made in Switzerland”, the brand logo is laser etched crystals.In a real rolex, by the hundreds of set points at different heights in the whole crystal (so it won’t create a weakness in glass), so it’s almost invisible, can’t see clearly you have to go through a magnifying glass (using a small magnifying glass jewelry and watches manufacturer).6.If you delete a bracelet, you should find the replica rolex and quantity.

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