Replica Watches Rolex GMT Master vs. GMT Master II

As we evolve, watches evolve too. One model that perfectly exemplifies this connection between watches and our culture is Replica Rolex’s GMT Master. The GMT Master, instead of continuing innovation under the same name, turned into the GMT Master II.

The GMT Master

The original GMT Master, Reference 6542, was adapted from the brand’s Datejust Turn-o-Graph. It featured an updated movement, two-tone 24-hour bezel to distinguish day and nighttime hours, and fourth hand. For many years, the design of the Fake GMT Master with high quality only saw minor updates. In 1956, Rolex replaced the original Bakelite bezel with a sturdier metal, and in 1959, they added a crown guard. In addition, Rolex added a number of style variations over the years.

The GMT Master II

The GMT Master II features an all-new movement with a quickset hour hand. The quickset hour hand is independently adjustable. This allows the local time to be set without stopping the second, minute, or fourth 24-hour GMT hand.

It comes equipped Rolex Replica with a triplock crown, anti-reflective cyclops lens, green 24-hour hand, maxi dial, and ceramic bezel. In addition, it features a new bracelet and movement, as well as a Rolex engraving on the inner bezel ring.