Rolex Replica Watches Bienne

In the Rolex Replica Watches mobile manufacturing complex bill, a rare tour of Switzerland,  Buchanan of witnessed the cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches caliber 4130 production.
The first thing is its absolute size. Rolex Replica Watches sports complex, contrast, Switzerland’s suburbs, is a giant disease research. It consists of four integral building, covering 170000 cubic meters of space. It is, and, to be secure against assault momentum, a bit mysterious. We sat in a February afternoon because Rolex Replica has agreed to give us, the two editing, visited the factory, a mainplate how to enable the hairspring, more than 750000 people every year. Before the tour, we will get a background introduction, a combination of live demonstrations and films. It is in a relatively large hall attached to what is definitely the largest of the company’s reception area, we have been to the place: one or two storeys high, with Rolex Replica Watches‘s green marble floor bright atrium. This complex, manufactured by DES Rolex Replica Watches company, located in a Champs Elysees de boujean Industrial Zone, is Rolex’s sister in Geneva, which makes the case that the bracelet and watch dial; assembly; while the GEM companies are set up. Rolex corporate headquarters in Geneva.
In Bienne, about 2000 employees, so that moving parts, 50 million a year, assembly of the action and sends them to Swiss chronometer testing agencies, COSC (control’s Le Officiel Suisse des chronom (DB) 3) obtain certification observatory. (Rolex Replica Watches certified all the action, in addition to the most common Cellini Collection – although the prince model is COSC certified.) Laozy J Bian then ship motion Geneva Rolex casing. Four Bienne building, and the Jura Mountains in the background, known as the Rolex Replica III, IV, V and VI (Rolex I and II is the old, original plant near Bienne center. Rolex no longer holds them. Company is also in the town of Locle Le a factory, employing 150 people, some of which occur in sports components.
Until 2004, Rolex Replica have different owners Rineiwabian. The former belongs to the aegler, and its SA aegler factory, Bill, founder of the sports Rolex, Hans Hans-WILSDORF 1905. Rolex Geneva, is still, owned by the Hans Hans-WILSDORF foundation, and Hans-WILSDORF was founded in 1945. A few years ago, Rolex bought Geneva Bian facilities and two combined. This initiative, as well as Rolex Replica‘s long-term projects, its suppliers of parts and equipment, has transformed the company into a vertically integrated manufacturing. Class is over, we set out. It will have a theme, Fran said C OIS paschoud, technical director of a factory: we will following the Rolex Replica famous caliber 4130 manufacturing steps, the chronograph movement, Rolex launched 2000 to replace the zenith El primero caliber is always the cosmograph Daytona model. A major event in the Rolex Replica is introduced; this means that for all movements of the Rolex brand, the internal (sister brands in the Rolex, Tudor watches, ETA movement).