The Difference in Rolex Replica Reference Number

Insight into a Rolex Reference Number

For die-hard Rolex fans, the appeal of a certain model isn’t just about the dial color or type of strap. The reference number can signify the authenticity and cult status of a specific Rolex Replica Watches. In fact, the reference number indicates the defining characteristics of the timepiece. Every Rolex timepiece has the reference number. You can find it engraved between the lugs on the twelve-o’clock side of the dial. Additionally, this reference number can consist of four, five, or six digits.

Comparing Four and Five-Digit Reference Numbers

The reference number describes the materials and configuration of that specific timepiece in a specific order. The first two or three digits indicate the type of model. The model of a Rolex Replica watch directly correlates to the size and type of movement found in that particular watch. The next few digits, however, and the information they provide are where things start to vary.

Rolex describes the size and type of movement of some models in two digits. In this case, the watch will have a four-digit reference number. Rolex Replica Watches UK typically made models with four-digit reference numbers before the 1980s. On the other hand, some models have three digits to describe the size and type of movement. In this instance, it will have a five-digit reference number. Rolex released these five-digit reference numbers between the 1980s and the new millennium.

Introducing Six-Digit Reference Numbers

In recent years, Fake Swiss Rolex Watches has started using six-digit reference numbers to designate the watches as new references. They typically do this by adding the number one or two in front of a pre-existing reference number. Take the stainless steel Explorer II for example. Its reference number has changed from 16570 to 216570.