The Fake Rolex Warrior Watch

The Air-King has one of the longest standing histories of any Rolex model, with 70 years of continuous production. It first debuted in 1945, toward the end of WWII, with the Reference 4925. The model was part of the Air Series, which also included the Air-Lion, Air-Giant, and Air-Tiger. Rolex Replica designed the Air-King with pilots in mind.Today, the Air-King is the only remaining model from the Air Series that Rolex continues to manufacture.

Over the course of its lifespan, the Air-King has remained largely unchanged until just a few year ago in 2016.One of the most notable variations is the 5500 series, which Fake Rolex Air-King unveiled in in 1957.Throughout its run, the 5500 was available in a number of dial options. Some of them are extremely rare like the double red, which features the words “Air-King” and “Super Precision” in red.

Following the 5500 came the Reference 14000. This updated Air-King Replica Watches UK featured a new caliber 3000 movement and sapphire crystal. Rolex made a slight modification to the 14000 shortly after. The Reference 14010 came equipped with an updated engine turned bezel.

The 1142XX series featured new concentric dials, a thicker case, and machined Oyster bracelet. Although the original reference still featured the engine turned bezel, the brand removed it in later models.

The Air-King may be one of the simplest Rolex models on the market. However, this has become part of its charm and appeal. The Fake Swiss Air-King is a no-frills timepiece. It doesn’t include any extraneous bells and whistles. It’s practical, strong, dependable, and classic. As one of the longest continuously produced models in the Rolex family, the Air-King lives up to its nickname: the “warrior watch.”