The memories of Rolex Replica Watches UK (1)

Rolex Replica Watches UK
Rolex Replica Watches UK

What is history: it is the echo of the past to the future, is the future of past reflection. Is the so-called “after the sees this, still today as yesterday”. The most prominent is that history, accidental opportunity is as a celebrity, the great figures of the intermittent, today we  together and review the history of the development of Rolex Replica Watches UK,seeking to make those ordinary people in ordinary time lost in the extraordinary!

The history of the development of Rolex Replica Watches UK: 1905-1919 stage

1905: Hans Wilsdorf

The history of  Rolex Replica Watches UK and its foresight and pioneering spirit of the founder Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf), has a close relationship. In 1905, only 24 years old, he is in London when the issuing company. He is more fantasy will watch worn on the wrist. Although the watch accuracy is insufficient, but Hans Wilsdorf was able to watch not only can show the elegant style of the preview, and at the same time, accurate and reliable.

To let the public believe that his creative meter can also accurately, he had to Rolex Replica Watches UK the assembly produced by awatch company in Switzerland Bill small, precise movement.

1908: five smart.

Hans Wilsdorf wants to take a concise readable name for the watch, no language is easy to remember, but also in the watch movement and surface appearance is pleasing to the eye. He said: “I almost tasted all combinations of letters, finally obtains the hundreds of names, but no one makes me satisfied. One morning, I sat in the carriage ofthe public, through the city of London, Cheapside, I seemed to hear a voice in the ELF’s whisper: “Rolex Replica Watches UK“.”

1910: the timing precision of the pursuit

Although Rolex Replica Watches UK initially focused on the improvement of quality of movement, but in his chronometer precision active exploration degree, will eventually succeed. In 1910, Rolex became the first won the Swiss official Bill watch ratingcertificate issued by the center of Swiss replcia watches.

1914: the timing precision of the pursuit

Four years later, in 1914, the British Kew Observatory (Kew Observatory) awarded the “A” certificate to the Rolex Replica Watches UK. At that time, this level is generally marine chronometer can be obtained. Since then, Rolex has becomea symbol of accurate chronometer watch.

1919: Geneva

Rolex is famous for the tabulation process to the international city of Geneva, for the company’s “Montres Rolex Replica Watches UK S.A.” in 1920, registered in the local.