The Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz Replica Watch

First released in 1977, Rolex’s Oysterquartz replica watches, a series of models based around the bestselling Rolex Day-Date, Datejust, and Date watches.

Firstly, without the Oyster case, the new quartz watch couldn’t boast the same superior water resistance that had helped forge Rolex’s reputation. Additionally, the Beta-21 movement ran out of power very quickly, and in addition to all of that, the exact same movement was also being used in a host of Replica Watches UK made by Rolex’s competitors.

The quartz-powered Datejust, Date, and Day-Date all followed the basic architecture of the Genta-designed ref. 5100. However, the in-house calibers were significantly smaller than the Beta-21, and so were able to fit into a specially-devised 36mm Oyster case, with all its water-resistant abilities intact.

Not only did Rolex Replica create two of the finest quartz calibers of their time, still regarded as groundbreaking today, but the watches selected to house them were among the most distinctive and pioneering in the brand’s history.

Visually distinct, and rare in number, Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz Fake watches are unlike any other models that the brand has ever put forward. Quartz movements often get a bad reputation for being cheap, as the majority of examples you will encounter and inexpensive and entirely uninspiring. However, the quartz movements used to power Rolex Oysterquartz watches are technological marvels that are finished and decorated to the same exacting standards as Rolex’s mechanical movements.