When faced with the previous generation of Rolex replica watches

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Do not be late, straight into the topic. I have to admit that it is not easy to write articles and share some opinions
on the watch house. Because gathered in the days of the north and south of the different players, each person to buy
the table is not the same, playing the depth is not the same, to buy the table is not the same channel, Especially into
the store to buy a table and play two Cheap Replica Watches, the value of the watch have a completely different understanding. Before
an article, a friend said the article did not stand in the consumer’s position, not from the perspective of the
secondary market, watching the real value of the watch. So, today I want to discuss with you a little question. This
problem will not appear in the store to buy the case, but is now at the moment of the domestic secondary market. When
we face the previous generation of water ghost 14060M and the new Cartier card calendar diving table, how should we
choose? To be honest, this is really an interesting, yet tangled puzzle.

Three different water ghost, from left to right, respectively, the disk “two lines of words” 14060, currently in the
sale of “fat needle” 114060, disk “4 lines” 14060M, please note that these three different water Ghost appearance
between the subtle differences. These three kinds of water ghosts are in circulation in the market.

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Rolex Luxury Replica Watches is currently in the sale of waterless ghost is 114060,14060M is the last generation of waterless ghosts, in the
store has no longer sold. Currently sold in the 114060 water ghost cost more than 60,000 a little, many people like the
water ghost, 114060 is also popular models. But because of Rolex watches and LV bags, there is no discount, so whether
it is overseas to buy a table or buy a second table, in fact, the difference between the little. Now buy from an
overseas 114060 almost 45,000 or so, the second-hand 114060 also about 40,000 (generally more than 40,000 a little
bit), and other brands of watches, the spread is very small. On the other hand, in the domestic watch the secondary
market in circulation with a lot of previous generation of waterless ghost 14060 / 14060M, because the previous
generation 14060M wages at the time than the 114060 low, after entering the secondary market, the second-hand price
basically Down to about 30,000. The previous generation 14060M and now 114060 in the appearance of the same line,
coupled with the price is better, so many players will buy 14060M. In the most recent period, Cartier’s new card
calendar diving table also began to enter the domestic secondary market, the price and the previous generation of water
ghost 14060M basically the same. This is a very tangled situation, the same price, is to choose the previous generation
of water ghost 14060M or choose the new card calendar Bo diving table, this new and old choice between the problem I
have been tangled for a long time. The reason is as follows.

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First of all, I can not hesitate to say that when the vast majority of people see this problem, will tend to water
ghosts. But when we think about it, things are not that simple. 14060M advantage is that this is a Rolex. And is the
most classic no calendar submariner, has a high degree of recognition and table altar status. But in addition to these
halo, we also have to see the 14060M current Swiss Replica Watches problems. 14060M is the previous generation of water ghost, the first
problem is the production year early We know that most of the domestic circulation of 14060M are produced in zero years
(14060M from 2001 to 2011), of course, I can not rule out some of them are likely to produce from the 90s of last
century. Produced 14060 in the last century in the auction is very common (14060 dial is two lines, no superlative
chronometer words, 14060M later changed to 4 lines). So the state of the watch is certainly not as new as the table of

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Second, the 14060M movement after the maintenance, will certainly reach a good state, but the current 114060/116610
before the submarine, are aluminum ring, then the biggest problem is easy to scratch aluminum ring, as ceramic ring
fight against, And aluminum ring easy to fade, which is 14060 on behalf of the water ghost of the technical problems.
Third, the previous generation 14060M clasp is Rolex old style with a clasp of the lines, and now the appearance of the
clasp completely different, so you can see the watch model, not currently in the sale of 114060 (the head of the Detail
difference, hollow bracelet, these are not easy to see).

Currently in the sale of 114060, pay attention to 114060 in appearance, the crown shoulder more square, the lug wider
and larger, more thicker and more minute pen, table ring pit more fine. You can see, for the 14060M this generation of
water ghosts, I actually do not care about the movement of the problem, because the watch even if the use of blue
gossamer, in fact, the movement of the movement did not have any effect. The previous generation 14060M problem mainly
focused on the production year, the appearance of some of the problems identified.

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Replica Watches China

Cartier Replica Watches China card calendar Bo diving table, Cartier is a new professional-grade diving table, configuration is very high,
and very beautiful. Although I am very clear in the watch home, Cartier does not have a high voice. But in the domestic
secondary market, the situation is just the opposite. Cartier card calendar Bo, including the recent period of time
frequently appear card calendar diving table, and after drilling card calendar Bo, are bought “in full swing.” Cartier
card calendar Bo diving table is the most attractive place is “new”. This is a new type of new diving watch. From the
watch’s bezel, case, movement, the configuration represents the current diving table in the field of mainstream
configuration. The card calendar is a rare dive watch that does not use a ceramic bezel but uses an ADLC carbon coated
bezel. The whole watch passed the ISO6425 standard, there is no doubt that a professional diving watch. At the same
time the use of Cartier production 1904MC movement, double barrel to the watch provides a strong torque, to maintain
high swing. Also was very attractive at that time there are crown on the blue spinel, very beautiful. All this looks
perfect, but the biggest disadvantage of the watch is that it is a Rolex submariner with two opponents. We can for the
dive watch the key components of the two watches for a simple comparison.